Web Assistant

Saanadil is a full dedicated for web services to increasing my amiclients’ business through the strategic use of multiple features and online marketing methods. I am giving services of web development, web designing, e-commerce solutions, on-page SEO, off-Page SEO, pay per click(PPC), social media optimization(SMO) and personal tasks since 2010. This is the only talent which arrange 2 time meals for me.

I have been working since 2010 during my study as part time and after completion of my study I am working as full time. I work on client website according to business and requirement like static, dynamic or e-commerce website. My motto is to increase visitors of client’s website and convert visitors to customers. I am very close to search engines via internet in the form of google, yahoo, bing, fb, twitter, google+, linkedin and official blogs. I regularly save all google and yahoo (search engines) latest update and algorithms changes. I use these latest update to plan for client’s website for designing and promotions.

I am lass with latest technologies, methods and professional experienced. I plan and execute  SEO, SMO, PPC and internet marketing  strategy for client’s website according to current status of website and search engines(Google, Yahoo) latest update.


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